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Mukul Milind Bichkar

Software Engineer At Grassroots Unwired

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I am a passionate individuals interested in making this world a better place to live in. I am proficient in MEAN [MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node] Stack and passionate for building products that can scale. For me, the journey is equally as important,as the destination. Apart from technology, I like to hit the gym. Also, I like to hangout with friends, and am also a bookworm.

Work Experience

Software Engineer - Grassroots Unwired (March 2018 - Present)

Cloud Software Engineer Co-Op - New York Labs, NYC (Jan 2017 - Aug 2017)

Developed Serverless Cloud Applications using Angular 2 and Amazon Web Services such as Lambda, Dynamo DB, S3 that automated the existing work processes and improved the operations time by 66% Created GraphQL endpoints that optimized the number of RESTful endpoints by 25% Deployed MicroServices using Docker and collaborated with a team that designed the data model from scratch.

Head Teaching Assistant (CS 1100) (Sept 2016 - Dec 2016)

Developed an anti-plagiarism tool that resulted in reduction of reported plagiarism cases by 28% Conducted office hours, tutored students and contributed to online discussions for 450 students

Latest Projects

The idea of the project is to build information retrieval systems, evaluate and compare their performance levels in terms of retrieval effectiveness. The dataset provided to us contains 3204 raw documents. We used CACM test collection as our textual corpus, 64 unprocessed queries, Relevance judgments and a stop-list.

  • Developed search engines with BM25, Lucene, tf.idf, query likelihood as retrieval models.
  • Performed Query Expansion techniques on BM25 and tf.idf using Pseudo-Relevance Feedback approach.
  • Performed Stopping, Stemming and indexed the stemmed version of the corpus that was provided to us and performed query by query analysis on all the models.
  • A total of 11 distinct runs were generated to assess the performance of these search engines.
Following parameters were used to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the different retrieval models:-
  1. Mean Average Precision
  2. Mean Reciprocal Rank
  3. p@K, K = 5 and 20
  4. Precision and Recall

Designed a mobile first interactive website that allows users to search for the favorite recipes by name, cuisine and by the ingredients available in their kitchen. The app provides detailed recipe procedure for selected recipe with speech and video assistance.

It's a MEAN Stack application which is mobile responsive.

In this application one can search for a new car, obtain information related to pricing along with year wise analysis, read reviews about cars from experts as well as other users, get information about dealers, repairshops and their reviews. Users' can register themselves, login, follow other users, write reviews about cars.

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